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We are excited to introduce socks shaped just for women's feet. To do this, we made a few big changes to how we make women's socks. We weren't getting any complaints - women have loved our socks for over 25 years. We always want to make things better, though. 

Here's what we did:

Created three sizes (instead of two). This lets women dial in a more specific size range. Why not just make "one size fits all" or even two? The reason DeFeet doesn't do that is really important. Socks that fit wider ranges of foot sizes are inherently less durable and don't move moisture as well.

Reduced bulk in the heel & toe. Women's feet tend to be more slender and attractive than men's feet. Enough said. 

Added "Comfy Compression" throughout the foot. Women are loving the feel of Comfy Compression. It's often described as a gentle supportive feel that comes up through the arch and cradles the foot. 

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