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Spring approaches slowly, then all at once. The time from Valentines Day to the longer, warmer days can seem like an eternity for cyclists. We want, even need, to be outside on the bike. Any bike. Many days can be downright frigid, but we know that quality miles now will result in better riding through the coming seasons. 

We've pulled together some items that we consider staple items. There is a splash of color here and there to remind us that Spring is on the way, but for the most part these pieces will mix and match with any kit you own. They will keep you warmer as the sun heads toward the horizon. They will help you stay drier when the heavens open up. They tame the bite of those crisp, Northern blasts. Most importantly, they help you ride happier and healthier toward any goals you've set for the year ahead. 

The Spring staples work for men and women. The UnD Lite base layer included in this array is available in both a Men's and Women's cut. If you live in a climate where you may still see snow before Easter, the USA grown Merino wool items are a great choice. The Thermeator socks, made from a fiber called Thermolite, are so soft and comfortable you'll want to wear them off the bike, as well. 

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