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Ride and Run Recycled

Turning Discarded Plastic Bottles Into The Finest Socks and Accessories

How often do we take a moment to consider where the soft, high performance clothing we wear comes from? Thanks to ad campaigns and consumer education, many more people know the value of recycling and creation of more sustainable product cycles. At DeFeet, we were pushing our suppliers to help us get there long before it was 'cool'. For example, any yarn maker that could not show up at our factory with recyclable yarn cones was immediately sent packing. We said, "Come back when you fix it."

Then, we started asking the same for the actual yarns, themselves. One of our longtime suppliers, CoolMax®, listened. Not surprisingly, DeFeet was the first company to begin using the CoolMax EcoMade™ fiber that is made using recycled plastic water bottles. Today, every non-wool sock in the DeFeet line (other than the Thermeator) is made with Coolmax Ecomade. This fact, combined with our more sustainable USA wool and the controls our Made in USA factory affords, gives DeFeet the most environmentally friendly product line we are aware of. 

It takes about three recycled water bottles to create a pair of socks. Each day, millions of these bottles are discarded around the world. The time has passed when a company could say "we are green, buy from us" and expect consumers to respond accordingly. Being a responsible manufacturer is expected. Our goal is to enlighten and inform our customers so they may influence others. Collaboration is what ultimately brings results. 

If you wear DeFeet products, have confidence and share the story. Of course, it's best to drink from reusable containers. When you do use bottles, discard them properly and recycle. Eventually, you may wear them for years while enjoying the greatest days that can be had.

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