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We have always committed to making socks our science.

We are driven to make the very best product. With socks, there is no one perfect sock for every ride, run, or outdoor adventure. Just like there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to performance socks. This is a listing of our different models and what makes them different and special in their own way. 



While you can wear cycling socks for almost anything, most any socks don't work for cycling. Cycling shoes have very specific fits, and riding conditions range from the hottest temperatures imaginable to below freezing. Sometimes it feels like all in the same day. Our cycling socks are recognized as the finest available. We craft each model to serve specific requirements. The differences are subtle at first but result in enhanced feel for the rider and the ride itself. 


The original DeFeet sock, the Aireator, has been consistently upgraded and remains the gold standard of cycling socks. Affordable and incredibly durable, Aireator's are the most popular cycling sock the world has ever known. Available in many different cuff heights and either single or double layer cuff, the foot of the sock is the same on all of them. The name Aireator comes from the Aireator mesh weave foot top. The first sock to incorporate this type of open-mesh construction, Aireator's breathe and wick well. They are thin throughout for a light weight feel and help maintain an efficient, close fit in performance cycling shoes. Made with CoolMax® EcoMade™ fibers that are derived from recycled resources. 


With more of a traditional look, the Classico sock is a perennial favorite for riders who like a taller, rib cuff and favor wool fibers. The thin foot fits in the closest fitting cycling shoes. The wool fibers result in a slightly higher volume (thicker) fit than the Aireator. 


We pulled out all the stops with the Cyclismo. Made in both wool and ThermoCool™ versions. Cyclismo was originally made under the direction of a World and Olympic Road Race champion who wanted some cushion under the ball of the foot. The cushion serves many purposes. It takes up a little more room in the shoe, creating a tighter fit in the forefoot of cycling shoes than the Aireator. It helps dampen road vibration and eradicates any 'slipping' or movement of the foot inside the shoe. Available in 1", 3" and 5" cuff heights. 


The Levitator extends the forefoot pad of the Cyclismo to cover the toes. Riders who are looking for a tighter fit in the forefoot and toe of their shoes will want to try Levitator's. Also, any rider whose toes need more protection in their shoes will also want to pedal in Levitator's. This is a popular cross-over sock for those who ride on and off road and often favor their off road shoes for road riding. 

Levitator® Lite

The opposite of it's namesake the "Levitator", the Lite version has no padding at all. The lightest sock in the cycling line, Levitator Lite is for those who want the least amount of sock inside their shoe. The feel is even thinner than the Aireator. When you need the lightest, most ventilated socks you can find, go with these. Available in "NoSeeUm", 1", and 5" cuff heights.

Levitator® Trail 

The burly member of the Levitator family that loves to get dirty. Primarily used for mountain bike riding. Padding through the foot and toes ensure a secure fit in off road shoes. For soaking up bumps and protecting against rocks, debris and abrasion, the Levitator Trail is the best there is. 


This is the short version of the Aireator. Same exact footbed, short cuff. Why did we not call it the Aireator 1", we don't know. The name fits and it stuck. 


Made for cooler temperatures, Thermeator creates a thin, lightweight layer of insulation inside the shoe. Made with Thermolite®, a fiber that helps retain body heat. The insulation does create a tighter fit in close fitting cycling shoes than the Aireator, Cyclismo and Levitator do. Keeping feet warm during those colder days on the bike helps conserve energy and increase comfort and performance. 


The wool version of the Aireator. Wooleator's are a non-padded, thin sock that can handle 4-season use. They are an even better choice any time moisture is in the forecast or when riding in mountainous terrain. 

Woolie Boolie

Perrenial favorites of all DeFeet fans. Woolie Boolie's are padded through the entire heel and foot bottom. Sometimes too thick for those who wear their cycling shoes skin tight, Woolie Boolie's are the thickest of the DeFeet cycling socks. Those who love them say "If you can get them in your cycling shoes, they're the best you can own." For many, these are the ultimate all-around Fall/Winter cycling, outdoor, fitness and casual sock. 



Much like running performance, there is no short cut to making premier socks for runners. Knowledge of the sport has to combine with perfect design, attention to detail, high quality materials and craftsmanship. We set out to create socks that make every run better. Much like DeFeet cycling socks, the subtle differences in these models each results in a different feel for the in-tune runner. 

Cloud 9

Densely padded throughout the entire footbed, this ultra-soft sock goes on easy and feels cool immediately. Putting this sock on is actually a pleasurable experience for the foot and body. The stretch provides a subtle yet wonderful compression sensation. Cloud 9 has a low-bulk profile that fits perfectly in modern running shoes. Made from the recycled fiber CoolMax® EcoMade™. 


Inside running shoes, the D-Evo gives a generous, densely padded feel with its heel & toe cushion. The midfoot support feels almost therapeutic while holding the sock in position. Because it’s padded, the D-Evo is for runners who do want some cushion at both ends of the foot, but still maintain a relatively thin feel. CoolMax® EcoMade™ is a recycled fiber that has remarkable wicking properties that keep feet drier and more comfortable. All levels of runners who want padded performance on the road will appreciate the D-Evo. Available in "Tabby" and 1" cuff heights. 


For the runner who prefers a low-bulk fit but wants more from a sock. Meta™ delivers much more with a sculpted left/right specific fit, advanced meta pad for forefoot strike performance, and a hand-looped toe seam that is imperceptable. Made from the recycled fiber CoolMax®. Many runners are discovering the benefits of a light, thin sock that also offers padding under the forefoot. Thinner, lower bulk fit than both Cloud 9 and D-Evo. Available in "Tabby" and 1" cuff heights. 

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