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Decrease your footprint. The DeFeet call to action for sustainability.

Retailers and fans of DeFeet often tell us "You shouldn't make your stuff so durable. You'd sell a lot more."

• Approximately 97% of our product line contains fibers that are comprised of used, recycled plastic water bottles, post consumer waste, or wool. We would like to see people stop using the plastic bottles, anyway. We don't need people to keep throwing them away. It seems there will be plenty of them in the garbage for a long time. Stop single-use plastic and try refilling your waterbottles.

• We use FSC Certified materials in all of our packaging. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. Paper of course is made from wood. If trees have been harvested illegally or through unverified or unsustainable methods, they can't receive an FSC certification. We pay a little more for it, but it does offer a little piece of mind when you package a product.

• We create less waste at the DeFeet factory and we recycle what we do create. It's nice to have to clean up less anyway, but since it's our own factory, we can keep a better handle on this than companies that outsource. How does a brand know what really happens at a factory that is knitting products for scores of other huge brands?

• We require our vendors to use recyclable materials. Yarn vendors often show up to sell us yarns that don't have recyclable cones in them. We have to tell them "Take a hike, buddy. Come back when your company is doing the right thing." 

• Last but not least, we make our stuff properly. We don't sell things that fall apart. We make things that last through years, sometimes decades, of hard use by world class athletes. This is one of the greatest hallmarks of DeFeet products, and we will not sacrifice this by trying to eek out more profit through cheaper products made in locations we know little about. We feel like you should be able to use your DeFeet items for years, then give them away to an up and coming grommets with lust for victory in their eyes. Let them go wild with your DeFeet stuff for some years. Maybe they can sell them at a garage sale to someone who can use them. The point is, stuff that is made well lasts longer, and that helps all of us. 


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