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When it's Certified Woolie by DeFeet, it does more than last way longer than when the cows come home.

The original Woolie Boolie sock set the standard. The sock that established a cult following because it had all the benefits of wool (super wicking, comfortable in nearly all conditions, didn't stink after days without washing, incredible in cold and rain) plus it was durable enough to include in a Last Will and Testament. We wanted all of our wool products to inherit those qualities. It doesn't happen by simply making something from wool. It happens by making sure the the finest wools are knit in the best possible arrangement by letting them do their work and then using special protecting fibers in the right places.
Non-mulesed wool, only.

All of the wools that we use are non-mulesed. What this means is that we don't buy from growers who have surgically mulesed their sheep. Surgically mulesing sheep is not considered humane treatment for the animals. Only about 6% of the wool available today (2011) is non-mulesed. While this up from about 3.7% in 2009, it is still too small of a percentage. DeFeet supports full transparency within the supply chain and rewards wool growers that comply with our business. If it's not 'non-mulesed' wool, our finished product can't be Certified Woolie by DeFeet.  

Woolie Boolie™
The original wool DeFeet sock set the standard for the rest of our wool products. Everything we make from wool has to live up to the Woolie Boolie's repuation for quality. The Maestro of Versatility.

We had to make a thinner wool sock to fit into tighter fitting shoes and for warmer climates. We chose the award winning Aireator® as a model and created this sock.

Wool ArmSkins™
It's amazing what you can weather while wearing our wool. If you ride or run in cooler, wetter areas, Wool ArmSkins™are a must-have item. Suddenly long-sleeve jerseys and jackets become less important.

UnD Wool™
Available in short and long sleeve, riders of all levels are raving about this amazing cycling specific base layer. Realize the magic of wool with this ultra high quality Certified Woolie item. You will fear no ride.

Wool Kneekers™
Protect quads, knees and calves. Wool makes this product work in cool to cold climates even while wet.


Wool DuraGloves™
Enjoy wool's greater thermal property to keep your digits cozy while riding, running, or cruising around town.  

Trail 19™
Trail runners rejoice in this Certified Woolie mountain masher. Use them for quick jaunts in the woods or ultra-marathon backcountry survival runs.


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