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Running Socks

Crafting Socks Just For Runners   

Runners need a lot more than a sock labeled "RUNNING".

DeFeet has many models of socks that work for running. We have two models that have been designed specifically for running, the Cloud9™ and the D-Evo™. Runners appreciate the build quality and attention to detail that these models exhibit. Their higher level of comfort is evident from the moment you put them on. After months of long runs you will begin to realize how different our running designs are. They hold up, feel better longer, and help you enjoy running more.

Imperceptable Toe Seams
Toe seams in our Cloud9™ and D-Evo™ running socks actually create less bulk then their surrounding area. At the same time, we are actually able to make them stronger.

Densely Cushioned Soles
Padding you can feel working. Low bulk to fit inside ergonomic shoes, dense enough to provide tremendous cushion. Extreme durabiltiy that does not deteriorate like other socks.

   NEW D-Evo™
With the NEW D-Evo™ running sock, DeFeet marks a milestone in the evolution of the running sock. Made in the USA with the recycled fiber CoolMax® EcoMade™. The design and crafsmanship of the NEW D-Evo™ offers a fit and feel that is making it a "must have" sock for runners.

Aireator® Mesh with Midfoot Support
Aireator® mesh weave provides air conditioning for the foot while you move. For runners, the Cloud9™ and D-Evo™ have fibers aligned to add support and keep the socks exactly where they should be.

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