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Slogging, Jogging and Running its that time of year again…cross training

I am a self proclaimed Slogger. I once was a racer, then a runner, then a jogger and now…you got it. Slogging is almost a shuffle, barely moving but still faster than walking. Speed walking might be faster, but I just cant commit to that yet.

Every year as the summer starts to ween and the daylight hours begin to slowly disappear, many cyclist start to look for more timely efficient work outs. We all know running is the quickest and simplest way to fight back. Getting a running shoe that fits is very important, especially as we age. Best way to accomplish this transition is to find a local specialty run store and make sure you get the right type and fit for your shoe.

Today as I tied my HOKA running shoes (think SUVs for the feet) I wondered if my body would hold up for 20 mins of pounding in the heat. Not my lungs, as they have been honed into shape over the long cycling season. It was my knees, ankles and joints that worried me. This was my 3rd attempt in as many weeks at starting up my “Slogging” for the season.

My short of choice is to just go with 2 pair of underwear. Yikes yes, underwear! Why? Well its not just any underwear, but the ones that DeFeet makes called the UnDBrief and UnDBoxer. When worn together with the tighter ones under the baggy ones, it makes for a super comfortable ride for the boys.

So as I start down my neighborhood hill, I see two of my lady neighbors running up the hill towards me as they are heading home. Yup early birds, they get the cooler temps and quieter streets. I thought, yikes! I wonder if they know I am running in my UnDies. I assumed that they must not have noticed, as no whistles were heard.

As I continue to “slog” I suddenly could hear some foot steps behind me. Was it my two lady friends? Did they just hear my gasto backfire? I swear I did not mean to break that wind. I pick up the pace, this being day 3 I feel a bit more speed will be ok. I did not want these women to see what I was wearing. After a few yards, and the turn of speed that should have dropped the chasing neighbors, I could still hear them. I picked it up a bit more, even though I was now uncomfortable.

Ok, this is getting weird, I cant turn around and look that would just make it even more awkward. Well lets turn it up a notch and drop the hammer down. After all it is run number 3 in 5 years.

Never turning to look, I can still hear them. My slog had turned into a jog and finally I was running. The turning point was a cul de sac. As I turned to face my chasers I was ready to sheepishly own up for the runners gas…I was shocked!

Ah the phantom strikes again. My Hoka shoes had somehow been making a faint echo that sounded like someone was trailing me. I was elated! My tempo slummed back to slog as I made my way back to my humble abode.

With lots of travel in the late spring and fall, getting a quick work out is key to my sanity. Many hotels will have running routes listed, but now with Strava I dont even bother to ask. I did see that the Westin hotel chain now has room service with New Balance shoes as part of the delivery. Wow now that is so very cool.

Do you cross train? What is your favorite workout?

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