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Duraglove Wool Charcoal

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Duragloves™ are made for aerobic sports like cycling and running. Like all DeFeet products, their usefulness comes from what they are not as much as from what they are. Duragloves™ are not made to climb Mt. Everest. They are made to climb mountains at a hard pace, descend the other side, and do it over and over until your ride is done. Thin enough to ride at your maximum effort and still give you dexterity to fiddle around in your jersey for food. Thick enough to keep frostbite off your fingers at 50mph down alps still laden with snow. This is the Merino Wool version, which is the right choice whenever cooler temperatures and/or moisture are in the forecast. Destined to become a staple in your cycling and multi-sport wardrobe.

Here is an unbiased review of this product from lovelybike.blogspot.com.
Duraglove Wool Charcoal
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by Vegatron from Portland, OR on 4/25/2013
Gloves are great! I used them all through the winter in Portland, OR. We go down to about 20-30 degrees every year and these held up quite well and were plenty warm. Running / biking in moderate rain they held up well too and were not soaking wet at the end. The fit is nice, highly recommended
Overall: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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My Favorite Gloves
by Yukon Jack from Vancouver, BC Canada on 10/15/2012
I use these gloves almost year around from a chilly spring morning to a rainy winter training ride. These gloves are great because even when they get wet they still provide warmth, and unlike many gloves (that are three times the price) they don't soak up water like a sponge. If it is really cold out I use my Wool Duragloves as a liner inside a shell. This versatility is one of the many things that make these gloves the best !
Overall: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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Great cool-weather gloves
by Andrew from Princeton, NJ on 10/8/2012
I got these last year and just realized I hadn't reviewed them yet. Love them. Perfect for those cool fall or early spring days when you don't want your fingers exposed but it's not cold enough for real winter gloves. They're thin and comfortable so you get great bike feel, but the wool makes them nice and warm. They double as great liners under winter gloves on really cold days. I like them so much that I sometimes wear them off the bike as well. Actually, they work well for pretty much anything.
Overall: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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Best gloves for CX
by Anthony from Princeton, NJ on 9/26/2012
I use these gloves for just about everything - training, commuting, racing - but I've found that they're especially well-suited to racing cyclocross. They're just the right blend of good grip, great articulation, and medium insulation that will get you through everything but the coldest of cross races. They're also easy to clean, which is a real plus given the mud, sand, and numerous other forms of mess that a CX race might subject you to. I've noticed that quite a few pros use these when the weather turns cold, and I'm glad to report that there are excellent reasons for this!
Overall: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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Absolutely fantastic!
by Matt from Marblehead, MA on 2/6/2012
There are few pieces of gear available today more perfect than the wool Duraglove. I bought my first pair almost ten years ago and they still look and perform to my expectations after being put through the absolute ringer. Not only have they stood the test of soul-crushing adventure races, epic mountain bike crashes, multi-day offshore sailing races, blackfly-infested whitewater canoe trips, rain-soaked backpacking, frigid ice climbs, and even the top of Mount Washington in the dead of winter (do wear a shell over them if you try that), they're also great for shovelling the driveway and walking the dog around the block on cold nights. I really couldn't be happier or more satisfied with this glove!!!
Overall: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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