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Cycling's roller coasters go up and down thousands of feet at a time.

Spring, Fall, and year-round alpine efforts are the forte of the UnD Shurt™.

The UnD Shurt™ was the first of the UnD base layers. We developed this base layer for the Tour de France. In it's first appearance at the Tour, it was ridden to third overall on GC. After that, it just took off. We had riders from nearly every team asking for at least one UnD Shurt™.

So luxuriously soft and thin, the UnD Shurt™ is able to hold onto a thermal property that allows it to maintain warmth even when rains come to the high mountains. At DeFeet, the UnD Shurt™ has reached a status reserved for our most revered products. We hold this piece in the 'survival' category. Gear that simply must go in the bag, then be worn on those rides where you just have to take every care for your body to make it through.

Speaking of packing a bag, all of the UnD base layers pack into such small spaces that ounce-for-ounce, inch-for-inch, nothing you can pack for a ride can out-perform an UnD base layer. If you pack at least three different UnD's, you will be prepared for an array of conditions while only taking up as much space as a few pairs of sunglasses.

Base Layers Mens UnD Shurt
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Base Layers Mens UnD Shurt
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