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The DeFeet Difference

Craftsmanship that proves itself over time.

Stating you are the best rings hollow. What matters is how well you perform. DeFeet has been crafting socks, accessories and base layers for two decades. We take our time with new products because we're not into wasting anyones time on products you spend your hard earned money on.

The hallmarks of DeFeet products are comfort, utility, durability, and performance. We do not add bells and whistles just to turn heads, ring registers, only to dissapoint at the most crucial time. We want our stuff to be used often and used hard because it has everything you really need.

Comfort. Everything we make is designed to function better against your skin. That means it needs to be soft and smooth. We want you to feel awesome wearing DeFeet no matter if you are relaxing on a sofa or your heart rate is pegged at 190bpm climbing a mountain pass.

We want you to choose to wear DeFeet all the time because it simply works better for you. Choosing the right tool for the job is important. DeFeet products are useful tools for the way you live your life.

Durability. There are a lot of reasons why durability is so important to us. For one, you get a much better value for your money when you buy DeFeet. Products that blow out after a handful of wearings and washings are infuriating. They are also bad for the environment. To us, if you can't make it last, then don't make it at all. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing our products still in action after more than a decade of hard use.

Performance. From the beginning, DeFeet has developed products for the world's best endurance athletes. They choose DeFeet because our products wick and move moisture, stay in place during the hardest efforts, stand up to the harshest conditions, then wash up well and do it all over again the next day. Day in, day out. 

The result of these qualities is greater than sum of their parts. There is a certain harmony achieved in a really great product. We try to attain that in everything we build. We want that to be evident when you own things we made. From the first day you wear it to years down the road.

Hand craftsmanship by the top knitters
The DeFeet Custom Shop team is made up of The best of the best. They literally have 100's of years of accumulated experience.

State of the art equipment
We are constantly investing to make our custom products superior. The DeFeet Custom Shop is the industry leader.

Highest quality materials
Our Custom Shop sources only the finest yarns. DeFeet products last  longer and feel better because our extensive testing begins at the raw material level. Many shops try cut costs and increase profits by using inferior materials. Not us.

Quality control at every step
Every product that comes out of the Custom Shop goes through an extensive array of testing procedures. If it doesn't pass, it doesn't ship. Every DeFeet Custom Shop crafter maintains a vigilant eye toward quality.

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