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Base Layers that help the body work better.

What you wear next to your skin is important.

UnD™ stands for underwear. We started the UnD™ line of base layers because we knew a lot about underwear from making socks. Socks are a form of underwear, too. Think about it. They need to keep you dry and comfortable inside the claustrophobic environment of a shoe. Base layers need to do the very same thing within the confines of outerwear.

Athletes know that wearing layers under their outerwear for long range aerobic activities like cycling dramatically increases their bodies ability to maintain a consistent temperature range. Pedal over hills and mountains and down the other side through all types of weather and you will quickly find the limits of the standard cycling 'kit'. Wearing UnD™ base layers made for specific temperature ranges helps keep the body from getting too hot or too cold. This benefit alone can save you a lot of energy over the course of a ride. Importantly, our base layers can also literally help save your skin in the unfortunate event of a crash.

Once you start wearing UnD's under your jersey on rides, you won't want to ride without one. You will most likely want to own several to transform your cycling kit into a four-season lesson in adaptation.

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